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Step 1: Contact Information

Please complete this quote form or email us directly to get a quick PCB assembly quote.

Step 2: PCB Assembly Specifications

What is a Complete Package?

If available, please include the following items in your .zip package: Bill of Materials (BOM), Assembly Drawing, Fabrication Drawing (used to do incoming inspection of your PCB), Gerber files, ASCII Output file(s)*, Component Registrations, and Other CAD common import file types (X/Y/R files, .CAD, .ODM++, .TGZ, .NEU).

*Tip: How to Save on NRE Pricing!

Providing ASCII Output file(s) at the time of the quote will greatly affect the quoted NRE price of the build as it eliminates the time and cost of us having to manually program the machines and produce hand colored placement aids and drawings.

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